2007 - 2013

Thanks for stopping by, here's a mission statement of sorts:

The public has been subjected to the auditory pollutants fed to us by media conglomerates since the dawn of recorded music, thus the average music listener has fallen into a lazy pattern of spoon-fed media consumption. This blog is dedicated to rewarding those curious enough to explore for more than just what is paid for and passed down by the music industry's overlords by making quality independent music easily available for public enlightenment. Works are posted for sampling purposes only and will gladly be removed per request.

Music is the language that brings us together, from each and every culture to one homogeneous collective, and in that way it is alive. The universal outlet of music is a dramatic and sensual discourse that requires zero previous educational entitlements and in that way is distinctively visceral. Sadly, this life-force cannot continue to grow or survive without our support, so if you enjoy what you're listening to, do your part to contribute to the artists by buying merch and going to shows.

Stay sound and keep curious.

<3 Brett